Our second still

Our second still

With all of the work we have had to do for the Mason County Building Department, we have not had a chance, until a week ago, to begin assembling our second still.

This still is from Artisan Still Design in Canada. It will be used for our gins, and many other spirits.

We are so excited to start distilling, and hope to meet all of the requirements of the building department before Christmas.


How many moonshiners are there?

Just about everywhere I go I meet someone who is distilling at home. The backyards of America must be full of stills.

I recently bought a 3-basin sink. When I told the kitchen store employee what I wanted it for, he told me that he distills in his backyard. He gave me some good advice on parts I could buy at his store for my system.

A few days ago, I was in a small town, looking at junk shops. I saw a janitorial store, and went in to see if there was something I could use. I was chatting with the clerk, and told him that I was starting a distillery. He told me that there is a distillery in his town. He said, “You wouldn’t believe that we would have one in such a small town, but we do. It’s in my brother’s backyard.”

We have been given recipes for whiskey from the most unlikely sources. These recipes include the use of horse feed. I do plan to give this a try.

A copper pot still from Spain

Purchasing a still for the distillery should not be difficult. But…somehow we are having difficulties.

After researching pot stills, The Hardware Distillery ordered a copper pot still from a company in Spain. The order was placed October 30, 2011, with the agreement that there would be an immediate payment in full, and that the pot still would be shipped by December 16, 2011. The payment was made as agreed upon.

We have heard nothing from the company regarding the shipment, despite the fact that they acknowledged receipt of the payment almost 2 months ago. Today is December 29, and we sent an inquiry regarding the status of the shipment. This was the response:


In accordance with Customer demand, our usual delivery date is 8 to 9 weeks, but indeed I promised on the invoice to ship on Dec. 16th or sooner. Unfortunately we did not preview religious holidays in December, as well as the severe weather and the closing of our Shipping Port for several days. I hope our broker can book space in container ship leaving before the 10th of January.

I wish you a Happy New Year.

It is unknown what is meant by the word “hope” for booking the space on the container ship before January 10. We hope it’s good news.