Our Bee’s Knees® is unique.

It’s a distilled honey mead that starts as 80% honey and 20% fruit. All of our Bee’s Knees® are created with only the finest honey from Washington beehives and the finest fruit grown in Washington orchards.

We are one of the very few U.S. distilleries making a distilled mead, and when we applied for a label for this unique spirit, the federal permitting agency told us that we were not making a brandy, or anything else that they could define or pigeonhole. What we were making was something unique to us, and we had to find a unique name. We chose Bee’s Knees® because it’s made from bee honey and it is truly the Bee’s Knees, an extraordinary spirit.

The taste of our Bee’s Knees® is as unexpected as it is unique. It’s not sweet, never cloying, and, in fact, many people compare it to the taste of a fine whiskey.

Here’s a roundup of our Bee’s Knees®.

Please note that not all of them are available all the time.




PEACHY KEEN was our first Bee’s Knees®, and it is distilled from honey and peaches. It has a distinct yet smooth peachy flavor that you’re bound to fall in love with.






FIG is made from a backyard fig tree.







PLUM. Well, what can we say? It’s Plumb Delicious.







MERRY CHERRY. A perfect combination of Washington state cherries and honey. Did we mention that it’s perfect?






RASPBERRY. Close your eyes and imagine the delectable combination of raspberry and honey on your tongue…



Other Bee’s Knees® coming soon: