The Fourth of July in Hoodsport is a fun event. There is a street-fair, an auction, a town crier and, best of all, fireworks.

I do not know the source of the town’s display of fireworks, but there are fireworks stands just a few miles away on the reservation. I love the names of the stands, such as PyroMama and Illeagle.

My favorite stand has a more traditional name, the Finish Line. Every year I buy sparklers that are about 3 feet long, and are quite festive. They are wrapped in paper ribbons, and when lit have several different color phases. I share them with family and friends year round.

I love my sparklers. They are made of wood, and do not burn my fingers like the metal ones I remember as a child.

After spending some evenings with us, my older son told me that he is going to write an article for the AARP magazine about the elderly and the joy of sparklers.

He can do that. As for me, I am going to think about whiskey recipes to dedicate to my sparklers.