Finch Creek is about 50 yards from our distillery. This time of year, salmon are spawning and many have died. The sea gulls walk around on the salmon as if the piles of fish were rocks.

Next summer we plan to continue creating gins to be paired with the bounty of the Hood Canal.

So far, our Crabby Ginny is meant to be paired with crab, and we smoke our barley at the Hama Hama Oyster Co. for a smoky gin to be paired with oysters.

Next will be a gin to be paired with salmon.

Instead of making a gin to be paired directly with the taste of the seafood, we are thinking of a pairing a sense of the seasons.

In the fall, the salmon start running. At this time of year, certain beers are celebrated, and so we are going to make a gin from a rye bock to be paired with salmon. We will be pairing feelings that arise when the leaves turn, the mornings are crisp.

We will take part in the salmon’s life cycle.