Last week Chuck met the Mason County building inspector at the distillery for the final inspection. The work we have done was approved, but there is one new item: emergency back-up light in the basement, where we will be storing our barrels. Chuck immediately drove to Olympia, bought the light, and returned to the distillery in the emerging blizzard of heavy wet snow. The lights went out, and he installed the emergency back-up light in the dark basement.

We have been having a very wet winter at the distillery, and the ground is thoroughly wet. That day trees loudly broke in half under the weight of the heavy snow. Many were uprooted. Fallen trees littered the road. Chuck finished installing the light and began his drive home. It was now dark, and it took him hours to drive around the trees, and travel a few miles.

This photo was taken a week after the storm. Due to the snowstorm and the holidays, the inspectors are behind with the inspecting. Our next inspection is scheduled for January 2, and we are hoping our back-up light passes inspection and that we will finally have our certificate of occupancy.