Our bar top is Chuck’s old work bench from our basement in Seattle.

When he retrieved it from the basement, it was dirty and had oil stains. Perfect. Chuck gave it a quick rinse with the hose, and I was assigned the task of applying a clear, thick, hard bar coat to the top of it. The first two applications met all of these requirements. The third did not dry properly. It remained sticky and soft in large areas. It took months to get it ready for a fourth application.

With each application, there were drips down the sides of the bar top. I was going to remove them when the project was finished, but began to enjoy the sight of them growing. With each additional application, the drips began to resemble stalactites.

We have had many visitors to the distillery as we prepare to open. I have been surprised at how many compliments I have received on my stalactites. Children especially like them.