Newspaper Articles

Newspaper Articles

It has been exciting for us to be featured in the February 11, 2014 issue of USA Today.

The USA Today article has been reprinted in the Cincinnati Enquirer and the Greenville News.

The Sources of Our Water

The Sources of Our Water

One of the main reasons we are starting a distillery in Hoodsport is the water.

Good spirits start with good water, and Hoodsport’s water is the best. The water for the community comes from wells at the foot of the Olympic Mountains.

The source of the Hardware Distillery’s water is the Hoodsport Water System, which consists solely of two wells, the Reeder Well and the Suncrest Well.

The Reeder Well is located off Schoolhouse Hill Road, which is across the street from the distillery. It is 269 feet deep through gravel, sand and cobbles.

The Suncrest Well is located off Lake Cushman Road. It is 167 feet deep through red clay and gravel.

Both wells do not require treatment, and the water arrives at the distillery untreated and fresh from the deep underground wells.

Defining Ourselves

This month I turn 60. Like most of my generation, I do not consider this old.

Last week I saw a physical therapist with a minor leg complaint. As this was an initial visit, I was asked to describe my health as poor, fair, good, or excellent. I see myself, in positive terms, as a lucky person and having very good health.

I answered this question: “Excellent, considering my age.” I could see that the therapist circled the word “Good.” At first I was offended, but then this made me think about how I see myself v. how the world sees me.

As we set off creating our distillery, I think it will be excellent. But now I want to reflect back on the reactions of my friends and family, when they heard that we would be pursuing this. Luckily, our friends and family also think that it will be excellent, I do not see “good” in their eyes or voices, instead I see that they believe that this will be a great success.

I imagine using all of my knowledge and resources that have accumulated over 60 years, and have not doubt that our products will be of the highest quality and that the distillery will be successful. In this regard, everyone I have spoken to believes the same thing. When I speak of my plans to friends and family, I hear only encouragement, and I see that they too believe it will be excellent.

As we create our products, I hope that if we ever make something that is merely “good,” that our customers will let us know, and help us stay on our path to creating a whiskey that will define the Pacific Northwest.