Sour Puss

Sour Puss

Sour Puss

1 part Hardware Distillery Vodka
½ part Cat’s Pajamas
1 part Sour Mix*

*Sour Mix:
1 part simple syrup
1 part fresh squeezed lemon juice
½ part fresh squeezed lime juice

Garnish with wedge of lemon or lime

Cushman Cooler

Cushman Cooler




Hardware Distillery Vodka

Cranberry juice

Seltzer water



♠ Fill glass with ice

♠ Add one part Hardware Distillery Vodka

♠ Add two parts cranberry juice

♠ Fill glass with seltzer water

♠ Stir

♠ Garnish with orange peel


The Hardware Distillery’s Cushman Cooler is a hybrid of a Cape Cod, or “Cape Codder,” and a Madras.  

The Cape Cod is also made with vodka and cranberry juice, but is usually garnished with a lime wedge. The Cape Cod was conceived in 1945 by the Ocean Spray cranberry grower’s cooperative under the name “Red Devil.”  A Madras includes orange juice, rather than the Cushman Cooler’s orange peel garnish and seltzer water.

A near pear disaster

A near pear disaster

Pears are the basis of our vodka and aquavit. We purchase Washington State pears from a company in Vancouver, Washington. They are packed as concentrate in 5-gallon pails, which weigh nearly 60 pounds each.

For each batch of pears, I drive our truck to Vancouver and bring the pails back to the distillery. The most recent trip was few days ago. I bought 24 pails.

Sadly, this time the packers had not secured the pails of pear concentrate to the pallet. The pails were stacked two pails high, and as I entered the on-ramp to I-5, the top row of pails slid to the side of the truck, and tottered at the side edge of the back of the truck. They were ready to topple onto I-5.

The next exit was a mile away. I drove very slowly in the right lane, constantly checking my rear-view mirror and the sight of the white buckets, bent against the side of the truck.

As I reached the exit, I looked for someone to help me. I am not strong enough to move the 60-pound pails. There was a small shopping center. I knew that there would be no one to help me at the small shops. Then, I spied a charity donation center.

When I parked, several people told me that the pails were ready to fall out of the truck. I thanked them for the information.

Two young men were at work at the donation drop-off. I offered them $20 to straighten the pails. They agreed, but said no one could see them accepting the money.

After the pails were straightened, the $20 was passed via a handshake. I was back on I-5, and on my way to making vodka and aquavit.



Our small-batch Vodka is pear-based, remarkably smooth and inviting.

Try it on the rocks or in your favorite cocktail.

First Days

First Days

It felt good to open our doors and sell our products this past Memorial Day Weekend. For the time being, our products are limited to two gins, Crabby Ginny and R Gin, which can be frustrating for those who stop by to see us and do not like gin. Those customers who like gin leave satisfied.

Our fingers are crossed for TTB approval of our Bee’s Knees® and our Vodka. We check our email and our post office box everyday, with our fingers crossed.

We are planning our Grand Opening for the weekend after Labor Day Holiday. We should have lots of different products, and fun things to do.