We had hoped to be open and selling our products by Labor Day Weekend. Instead, on that weekend we opened our doors and worked with the electricians as work on the distillery continued. It was a sunny weekend. The sunlight came in through the open doors. The locals stopped by and gave us encouragement.

I was reminded of Hoodsport Days this past July when we opened our doors, but just to show people the distillery and hopefully sell a t-shirt or a shot glass. The shot glasses were on display, but it was not easy to read the words on the glass, so I put coffee from the day before into the shot glasses, and added a little water. It looked pretty good. I remember a tall man, who must have been very thirsty, ask if the shot glasses were samples. I explained what was in them. He said “Oh, okay,” and drank it in one gulp. Surprisingly, all he said was, “Thank you.”