Recently new oak barrels were delivered to the distillery. We had thought the delivery was not yet scheduled, but were mistaken. To make matters worse, no one was at our building to accept the delivery. On that day, Chuck and I were in Seattle.

The delivery-man called me, anxious to unload and make his next delivery. If someone could not let him in, he would return the barrels to a warehouse that is not open to the public.

I called our real estate agent, Pat. She has a key. But there was still the problem of unloading. On that particular day, the truck could not use its lift gate. Pat asked the distillery’s neighbor to help. He agreed, but a hand-cart would be necessary. Fortunately, his mother has a hand-cart. Hoodsport is a small town. He drove to her house to borrow it.

Hoodsport has been generous in its welcome. It feels like these oak barrels are now as much a part of the town of Hoodsport as our distillery.