The Mason County building department is slowly adding to its list of requirements for the Certificate of Occupancy for the distillery.

The front of the Distillery has two double doors. These doors were custom made, and we like them very much. One of the double doors opens into the production area. We have no employees, and Chuck and Jan will be distilling in the production area. Usually, it will be just Chuck, while Jan works in the tasting room.

Originally, when we started the project, we had thought the big expense for the doors would be the locks required by the federal TTB. Early in the project we had these locks installed. But that was the least of the door requirements. First, the Mason County building department had us put an exit sign above the doors. This sign had to meet certain requirements. Then, they wanted the locking system changed, and the dead bolt moved from the door on one side to the door on the other side. (Chuck will be safe from the stampeding people.) Then there was the required fire alarm system, and components for that system were added on one side of the doors. The first week of December was the week for several new fire extinguishers, and one has been installed next to these doors.

The doors are beginning to look garish with all of the accoutrements. But wait, that’s not all. Now we have been informed that the exit sign is not sufficient. We must buy back-up lighting to put above the doors to help Chuck find his way out.