I often wonder why we no longer “drop by” to visit friends, and why we sometimes make arrangements to set a time just to chat on the phone.

When I was younger, my friends and I would visit each other un-announced. We would call each other, whenever we felt like it, just to chat. Now I never get those visits, and rarely those phone calls. I miss them.

I don’t know if it is a cultural change, and people of all ages no longer make un-announced visits, or if it is simply that as we age our lifestyle changes. One possible cause could be that circumstances that are not important at a younger age, such as a messy house, become an embarrassment in our older years.

Television has changed our lives. We used to watch the same shows at the same times. There was nothing else, and we knew when to call or visit without interrupting. Now we never know if we are interrupting a movie at its climax, so we don’t call. Instead we send a text to set a time for that call.

The beauty of owning a distillery with a tasting room is that friends feel free to stop by and visit. We see friends that we have not seen in days, years and even decades. Sometimes we are not recognizable to each other, when old friends come to the distillery expressly to see us, but 40 years of aging have diminished immediate recognition. It is enchanting and mesmerizing to learn of each other’s paths

Our friends who live locally stop by. So much better than a text.

Feel free to stop by. We love catching up with old friends, and meeting new ones.