How many moonshiners are there?

Just about everywhere I go I meet someone who is distilling at home. The backyards of America must be full of stills.

I recently bought a 3-basin sink. When I told the kitchen store employee what I wanted it for, he told me that he distills in his backyard. He gave me some good advice on parts I could buy at his store for my system.

A few days ago, I was in a small town, looking at junk shops. I saw a janitorial store, and went in to see if there was something I could use. I was chatting with the clerk, and told him that I was starting a distillery. He told me that there is a distillery in his town. He said, “You wouldn’t believe that we would have one in such a small town, but we do. It’s in my brother’s backyard.”

We have been given recipes for whiskey from the most unlikely sources. These recipes include the use of horse feed. I do plan to give this a try.