We bought our home in Seattle from Sophie Bell in 1988. She had lived here since 1944. At that time, she had moved into the home with her husband and six children.

When we bought our home from her, she was living alone. She had congestive heart failure, and, against her will, she was moving into assisted living. We had made an arrangement with her that she could take her time moving out, and we would take our time moving in. However, there was a deadline for her to move out.

That deadline came and went. I was unpacking our pots and pans in the kitchen. Sophie was sitting at the kitchen table, writing letters. She told me, “Honey, you will never be happy if you put your pots and pans there. Put them over here.” She pointed to a different cupboard.

Sophie was right. I put my pots and pans where she told me, and I was always happy in our home.

Chuck and I are unpacking our new distilling equipment. We are uncertain of the best places to put some of it. We sure do wish Sophie was here to tell us how to do it, and where it’s best to put our pots and pans.